Thursday, August 13, 2015

School Systems Block Kids From Moving Toward Independence

Just left mediation with LAUSD. Nice folks, no progress. My request, to create a "Individualized Education Plan". I had no success because somewhere along the journey LAUSD and its big systems opted for cookie cutter programs, over individualized programs. As a result they are leaving those who cannot benefit from the standardized programs, and those who don't fit the mold, to merely exist in programs, rather than benefit from education, by stepping out of the confines of a apecific program.

Individuals within  the district, get it. My lawyer gets it. Teachers get it. Yet everyone says' they can't build an individual plan for him.  Huh??!! Nick needs to put everything he's learned to work, to move toward the only thing that matters, independence!

Ha Ha...not going for it. It's all about the fight. It's all about knowing that my child will not benefit from memorization. Memorization is not learing. My child does not need more years of drill and kill with math, english and science, he needs opportunities to generalize all that he has already memorized, and he can't do that confined to a SDC most of the day. He has to get out of the class and use his skills.

Pray for me that logic and Nick's right to get an education will prevail over cookie cutter programs!


  1. IEP...Indivual Escape Plan, Independent Excuse Purpose, Inexcusable Exemption Plan ,Idealistic Exclusion Platform, Incomprehension Education Purpose. I agree wholly, but why call it anything else. This is a piece of paper worth shredding because its just a covert plan to insuiate you are assiting your child progress in education. The system needs a overhaul and that's why I left..Sometimes you get what you pay for..A free no substance education.:(

  2. I send my prayers your way and I wish you and your family the best! You gotta be on top of it and insist, that's the only way you can get things done now a days.

  3. Prayer sent your way. It is true you gotta insist to get a lot of things done.