Monday, August 31, 2015

5 Minutes Can Stop Programs From Being Forced to Close as Dedicated Professionals Depart the Field Due to Poverty Wages

I won't be here forever to subsidize the entitlesment system when it fails my son and others with disabilities. However, I am here now and as a citizen and a taxpayer I have the right, no the obligation to fight for his rights, to protect him. So I am standing up for Nick, and for my own piece of mind. Will you take 5 minutes today and stand up with me, for the 85,000 individuals living in LA with developmental disabilities and their families? 

Los Angeles Must be Heard! ~ Rally in LA on Sept. 1

There are about 85,000 people with developmental disabilities living in Los Angeles County. That is nearly one-third of all people served by California’s Regional Centers. But, the critical decisions affecting their lives are made some 400 miles north, in Sacramento.

It is agonizing to watch from a distance as our state leaders listen sympathetically, debate endlessly but then no action is taken to help us.

As programs are forced to close and as dedicated professionals depart the field due to poverty wages, clients, families and organizations that serve them are struggling desperately.

We can be silent no longer. Too many lives are at stake!

We must tell our Los Angeles legislators that, while they vote in Sacramento, they should fight for the people they represent here in Los Angeles. They must stand up to the Governor right now and demand the emergency rate relief we need. Let’s tell them!

Deliver the Message in Person at a Rally in LA on September 1

Join us at the Los Angeles District Office of Senator Kevin de Leon on Tuesday, September 1 at 11 a.m. 

We hope to have 100 people or more come to the Senator’s district office located at 1808 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles. Bring a short personal note urging him to fight for funding now for people with developmental disabilities.

View sample note (PDF)
View sample note (Word)

For more information contact Steve Miller or 818.540.5275. (Steve Miller is the former executive director of Tierra del Sol and now advocates for families and service providers.)
Can't Make It To The Rally? ~ Show Your Support Via Phone or E-mail

Deliver the Message by Phone
Call Senator de Leon’s District Office at 213.483.9300.

Tell them to please tell Senator de Leon to fight for funding now for people with developmental disabilities.

View sample phone message (PDF)

E-mail Your Message to Senator de Leon

Send an e-mail at

Fill out the e-mail form and use the comment box to urge the Senator to fight for developmental disabilities funding now.

View sample e-mail message (PDF)
See which zip codes Senator Kevin de Leon serves in the Los Angeles area. View list


  1. Poverty wages for those who change lives, meanwhile Jeb Bush was paid $1.3 million to funnel federal (FEDERAL) funds to the Lehman Brothers investment company in Florida. Footnote, the Lehman Bros. failed, taking all those federal funds that could have helped thousands of individuals with autism down the drain.

  2. Hope you get a big support group, This group is majority with growing cases yearly. Wonder if it affects any politician personally. Election Day should align with your causes and belief. People need to be proactive.

  3. Even after 6 years of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, there was no way for me to support myself, let alone support a family. To me it seemed like every year I would just see less and less. It came to a point where I had to decide on caring for my own family or to give support to these individuals.