Thursday, September 3, 2015

Families Fight the Greif that Keeps on Giving; Emotionally and Financially.

I know I look and sound like Chicken Little, running in circles screaming "The Rates Are Falling. The Rates Are Falling!!!!!" and "The system is collasping and a catastrophy looms ahead!!!!!".  Nonetheless, I keep screaming because I am scared for my son. I am angry when I think about what will happen because we as a nation are making careless, short term decisions.  

But thank goodness I am not alone. If you have not heard me, maybe you can hear the three voices below.  As always thanks for the comments. 

  1. Poverty wages for those who change lives, meanwhile Jeb Bush was paid $1.3 million to funnel federal (FEDERAL) funds to the Lehman Brothers investment company in Florida. Footnote, the Lehman Bros. failed, taking all those federal funds that could have helped thousands of individuals with autism down the drain.
  2. AnonymousSeptember 1, 2015 at 9:41 AM
  3. Hope you get a big support group, This group is majority with growing cases yearly. Wonder if it affects any politician personally. Election Day should align with your causes and belief. People need to be proactive.
  4. Even after 6 years of supporting individuals with developmental disabilities, there was no way for me to support myself, let alone support a family. To me it seemed like every year I would just see less and less. It came to a point where I had to decide on caring for my own family or to give support to these individuals.


  1. Its seems a deafening ears. Clearly there is much emphasis put to and lack of awareness. We have organizations giving to research. I wish some of those funds would be appropriate to further extend services as we clearly see their is not enough funding. Research is a lesaer part of the bigger issue here. I admire your compassion for the cause.