Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mom, Auto Pilot & the Brain "Mental Illness or Sleep Deprivation?"

Have you ever caught your brain having a conversation without you? I really mean, without you?. Have I finally gone over the edge? Today my brain was spinning away and suddenly I realized that the entire conversation it was having, was totally random and my brain was responding to a situation it had made up. It was nothing important, it was just  the "voice of me" talking to a made up someone that I really didn't like, setting them straight on a situation... that never happened!  When I tuned into my wandering brain, it was just like walking into a room and everyone stops talking!  Okay, is this really weird?  I am going to be the second one in my family with a diagnosis???  Or is this just a  manifestation of sleep deprivation??? You tell me?

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