Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Autism; Maybe the Journey is the Cure

Today Nick did something so simple, but miraculous in our ASD world. He took my breath away and got me thinking. Instead of viewing the cure as a destination, today I'm thinking of autism as a journey where every good day, every success IS the MIRACLE and the CURE. And, if one day one of those miracles comes in the form magic bullet...bring it on!  But today "Cure" means me knowing that when every miracle is chained together we will be where we are supposed to be, watching Nick become the best man he can be!

It's the little things we do day in and day out - almost like robots to teach our kids - which we hope will stick. We push, push and push believing in what could be, and out of no where, it all pays off when you get moments like the one I had today that took my breath away!!!

Nick takes the bus to school every morning. As part of our daily routine I have to get Nick's attention, tell him the bus is here, corral him, then walk him to the door, where I begin prompting him "Stop repeating, calm body, go down the stairs, yes your can earn free-time, get on the bus".

Today, I was standing in the kitchen and I said what I always say "Nick the bus is here, grab your lunch and go get on the bus".  And  that was it!!!  He grabbed his lunch, went out the door and got on the the bus....on this day, for the first time ever that was all it took.  I was just standing there and it hit me,, I didn't do anything! It was all Nick, and I was like "WOW", like really wow, like what just happened, WOW.

Then it got me thinking I needed to change my perspective when it comes to a cure for Autism. Maybe the cure isn't ever going to come in the form of immediate gratification, maybe there's no "Ta Da You're Cured". Maybe this is it.  Maybe the cure happens over the course of a lifetime, maybe it's just all the progress chained together that creates the best human our kids can be.

Today it's all about seeing the miracles :)

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